Transforming Waste into Energy

Explore the power of PET Bi Products for a sustainable future
Bencol also supplies other PET by-products that are widely used in various industries. These by-products include PTA, PET resin, polyester chips, and more. Our sourcing and distribution network enables us to provide these products to businesses across Pakistan, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality and cost-effective solutions.
  • Bencol trades in various PET by-products such as PET flakes, PET resin, and PET sheets. PET flakes are used as a raw material to produce new PET products, while PET resin and sheets are used in various applications such as packaging, textiles, and construction.
  • The company sources high-quality PET by-products from reputable manufacturers worldwide. Bencol ensures that all its PET by-products meet the relevant safety and quality standards and re environmentally friendly.
  • Bencol provides turnkey solutions for the handling and transportation of PET by-products. The company’s logistics team ensures that all PET by-products are transported safely and efficiently to their destinations.
  • Bencol is committed to promoting sustainable practices in the production and use of PET byproducts. The company ensures that its PET by-products are recycled and reused wherever possible to reduce waste and conserve resources
  • Bencol’s team of experts is knowledgeable about PET safety, handling, and transportation. The company provides training to its customers on the safe and efficient use of PET by-products.
Bencol’s trade of PET by-products is focused on providing diverse and reliable energy solutions to businesses across Pakistan. With our extensive sourcing network and industry expertise, we are well positioned to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the PET by-products market.